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About us
Mid-Term Business Policies

Safety First

  • All operations are driven by our corporate culture of "Safety First"
  • Every staff member takes part in creating a safety culture

Commitment to Society

  • Dedicated to becoming an even more open and trusted company

Strengthening Business Infrastructure

  • JAPC continually enhances operating efficiency and boosts our competitive edge, as we develop important projects and expand our business base
  • Utilizing the resources of the JAPC Group, we are exploring new business avenues and expanding our area of business activities
  • We continually nurture our human resources, promoting self-development and efficiency to expand problem-solving skills and provide solutions

Pioneering Spirit

  • JAPC's strong pioneering spirit is reflected in each and every member of staff, who strive for originality and creativity in all their work
  • We tackle significant issues to contribute to the growth of safe and reliable nuclear energy